ESX is the Premier Fortinet Partner in Minnesota

Fortinet is the global network security leader and ESX is the local leader in overall Fortinet expertise. We can help you optimize your Fortinet environment.

Save 70% on Maintenance Plans

We specialize in saving you money by:
– paying less vs OEM plans
– extending the life of your IT equipment

ESX Managed Services for SMB

The affordable alternative to AWS.

Can Your Company Pass a Simulated Ransomware Attack?

Our cutting-edge solutions are ahead of the pack and ahead of the hackers. ESX can simulate an attack and verify your ability to respond.

ESX is taking the appropriate safety precautions to assist your technology needs during COVID-19

Why ESX?

We built our brand by building relationships. Since 2005, over 3,000 companies worldwide have trusted us to provide the best solution at the lowest price. We strive to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Every. Single. Day.


Over 3000 Happy Customers

"The whole ESX team went above and beyond to help me grow my business. They are extremely helpful.”


– Jeff

CEO, Total Communications

“I feel like I’m your only customer; you guys are always available and always able to help me with whatever random situation just came up. CDI had a great year: our environment’s stability, availability, and reliability was unbelievable – my stress levels have been significantly lowered due to our relationship and teamwork. Thanks again for everything you do.”

– Andy Erickson

IT Coordinator, CDI

“It’s all about the great relationship and the trust we’ve built with ESX. It’s like we’re buddies. That means a lot to us.”

– Owen Schunk

Director of Operations, PPX

“ESX actually partners with us to navigate IT, allowing us to concentrate on our business. We are very satisfied.”

– Jim Spellmire

CFO, National Cardiovascular Partners

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