The Effects of Russian Hackers and How Their Activity May Affect Your Business

When you hear the phrase “Russian hackers,” it’s commonly in reference to events relating to the most recent presidential election. The ongoing controversy grabs headlines, but it is hardly the only example of Russian hacker involvement in the political landscape. In fact, Russian hackers have also been linked to breaching the security of the German Parliament and supporting military operations in nearby Georgia.


As chilling and noteworthy as these incidents have been, companies can ill-afford to assume Russian hackers are content to focus their attacks solely in the venue of politics. Instead, history shows they are interested in companies as well, as evidenced by the recent breach of Yahoo.

What the Russian hacker threat means for your business

Classifying the motivations of Russian hackers is difficult at best. Why? Because they are so diverse. Some acts are motivated by politics, others profit and still other targets fall victim simply because they are easier targets than better-protected options.

All of this means that no matter the size of your company, you can’t ignore the potential of a Russian cyberattack.

Protecting your business means:

  • Prioritizing what’s most important.You’re better off to place your strongest security measures around your most important data rather than lighter measures across the board.
  • Partnering with a technology firm.Look for a partner that can store your data through a cloud-based solution and one that will consistently protect data with the latest security measures.
  • Assuming the worst.When it comes to cybersecurity, accepting a heavy dose of Murphy’s law is a sound strategy. You don’t want to be negative in your view of the landscape but you can’t be aloof to it either. Recognize that the danger exists for companies of any size and that your company should not only have a security plan in place but should test that plan routinely and update it as necessary. At the same time, you should also have a communications strategy formulated so that in the event your company’s security is breached, you are able to report the incident to those involved in an efficient and time-sensitive manner.

Cybersecurity threats, both domestically and overseas, are always changing. Years ago many of the world’s most feared cyberattacks originated in China. Today the Russian threat reigns supreme. However, no matter where these threats originate, the strategy for protecting your company against them remains the same. Establish a security policy today and partner with a technology services firm to see it through. Do so and you’ll protect your company and its data from whatever threats arise now and in the future.