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Data Protection and Recovery

Security- It takes a company about eight months to discover it has been compromised. Many times, a different source discovers the security breach, not the company itself. ESX will secure your IT environment to keep your company safe from intruders.

Networking- In today’s business world, communication is the biggest driver of productivity. Information must be accessed quickly and securely. ESX will configure and monitor your IT network.

Servers- Let us implement a plan to optimize your server environment. ESX will manage your physical, virtual, onsite or cloud environment.

Storage- Your data must be protected and accessible. ESX understands storage systems from all major manufacturers, including modern hybrid and software-based solutions. We will find appropriate solutions for your company, properly implement them and keep them optimized.

Data Protection and Recovery- A huge part of data protection is the ability to protect it from a critical failure and recover it as quickly as possible. ESX will define your recovery timeframe goals, build plans to achieve them and then test those plans. We’ll effectively manage your data to ensure your business never stops running.

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