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Vulnerability scanning is an essential component of any security program as it is the most efficient and effective way to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities utilized by adversaries during cyberattacks. While just a small facet of high-performing vulnerability management programs, vulnerability scanning can be incredibly effective in finding missing patches in Windows; applications and non-Windows devices; configuration errors; weak passwords; and policy compliance. In today’s dangerous environment, annual scans are not nearly enough to keep up with the multitudes of major vulnerabilities published daily.

To assist clients in mitigating technical vulnerabilities in their environment, ESX IT Services (EIS) provides managed vulnerability scanning which delivers the necessary scanning at, or below, the cost of a vulnerability scanning license. Designed to be as cost-efficient as possible, managed scanning is meant to deliver the capabilities everyone needs, at a price they can afford.

ESX Vulnerability Scanning Services (VSS) benefits 

ESX simplifies Client information security in several ways: 

  • No License Fees – All costs are included in quoted fees. 
  • No training or certifications – Competency requires an allocation of resources and an investment in costly training and certification. The interpretation of the reports and the recommended action may require different skill levels. ESX has a deep bench of resources. 
  • 3rd Party Objectivity and Validation - ESX provides a neutral assessment and review of a company’s systems and processes without the natural familiarity that occurs over time with regular staff and day-to-day routines. 
  • Result Accuracy – ESX conducts scans regularly and has experience in common false positive and other time-consuming errors. 
  • Lower Business Impact – Scans conducted internally can be taxing on time and labor resources and take away from overall business function. 

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