Policies: Set of Common written IT / IS policies that reflect Management direction

IT Policies tailored for you
  • Many organizations have out of date or non-existent policies and procedures. 
  • Sans or other industry templates are overly complex and not suitable for your environment. 
  • Key resources may be taxed in trying to understand and build from scratch a set of policies to meet you industry needs. 

Why ESX for Information Security and Compliance Policies?

  • We’ll take responsibility of driving the process to achieve policies and procedures to meet your needs. 
  • Independent outside review of your policies. 
  • A technology and compliance firm that simplifies the process of security and compliance to ensure your polices meet industry best practice. 
  • One of the few companies that does both IT and compliance extremely well, which allows us to provide premier levels of services from both the IT side and the compliance side. 
  • Has CPAs with technology background that ensures your polices meet both your IT and business objectives. 
  • One stop shop for all things compliance and security. 
  • Provides Infrastructure, Managed Services, Systems Integration, NOC, hardware agnostic, all security related IT services. ESX has delivered solutions in all 50 states. 

What ESX will do:

  • Review your needs and objectives 
  • Review all current polices and procedures, to ensure we capture your current processes in place, collaborate on beefing up weak processes to meet industry standards
  • Provide a plan with milestones to meet 
  • Build out a set of templates to meet your needs and objectives utilizing our collection of IT policies 
  • Deliver gap analysis and hands-on remediation to ensure your staff are educated on the requirements of any new policies and procedures 
  • Provide technical support advisement for networking and server infrastructure as needed 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need policies and procedures?

Every company has procedures in place, often times these are not documented. When key people leave, responsibility of maintaining key processes are lost and lessons learned and institutional knowledge is lost, things such as backups and IT processes can become mismanaged.  Also more and more companies are being subjected to compliance requirements which requires robust policies and procedures. 

What if I need to beef up my policies and procedures?

Often times when we are reviewing your policies and procedures, we will notice “improvements” to the process.  ESX can utilize our industry experience to detect “improvements” and provide guidance on making your policies and procedures meet good industry practices. 

Why ESX?

ESX is one of the few companies that does both IT and compliance extremely well, which allows us to provide premier levels of services from both the IT side and the policy side. We have CPAs on staff, as well as very technical IT resources that can provide a one stop shop to meet all of your needs. 

How long will it take go through the process?

ESX can get you ready in as little as 14 days. We have multiple teams of people that can approach this from different angles at the same time. 

What can ESX provide?
  • Independent policy review 
  • Create and document  
  • Project Manage your policy creation and implementation


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