CTAP – Cyber Threat Assessment Program

Is your cyber protection adequate?

Would you like to know, in a week, for free?

Many organizations face challenges in maintaining their desired security posture, including: 

  • Lack of security leadership to define policies & controls 
  • Too few skilled resources to implement & maintain defenses 
  • Outdated or inferior security technology 
  • Being blind to the gaps in your defenses  

Since you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken, it’s critical to find out as quickly as possible so your company can protect yourself.

ESX has partnered with Fortinet, a world leader in unified threat management, to bring you a cyber threat assessment. In one week, you can gain additional visibility into: 

  • Security risks: which application vulnerabilities are being used to attack your network, which malware/botnets were detected, what phishing attacks are making it through your defenses and which devices are “at risk” for security breach probability. 
  • Productivity: which peer-to-peer, social media, instant messaging, and other apps are running for application visibility control as well as what spam, newsletters, or adult content may be intruding on your email. 
  • Utilization and Performance: what are your throughput, session, and bandwidth usage requirements during peak hours for the network, email system, and critical applications. 

Come away with an overview of how well your resources are being utilized & the risks facing them, with actionable steps to address any concerns surfaced. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have <solution x> protecting my network; why would I need this?

Independent validation; possibility additional visibility 

What's required?

Transparent installation of Fortigate device on your network for one week. Non-disruptive. Compatible with existing security & monitoring solutions. 


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