CFO / CIO Tools and Services:

What does the organization need and what are the considerations?

ESX can help you get to a preferred state.

  • All organizations are required to be compliant to Information Security standards or want to be more secure.
  • ESX removes the confusion, stress, expense, and time-consuming efforts while staying ahead of the unforeseen information security requirements of your company.
  • Your key resources may be taxed in understanding and attempting to comply with ambiguous security requirements.

ESX has developed and provides low-cost tools and advisement on difficult issues. These tools benefit our clients by identifying what the issues are using specific metrics.

Consulting Services

  • IT Assessmentindependent evaluation of your current IT environment
  • Cloud Assessment – strategic and economic considerations
  • CIO Organizer – what does the organization need?
  • Life Cycle Management Program Advisement
  • Cyber Insurance Advisor
  • Governance/Incident Response Plans – Advisement


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