A concern we’ve heard from many managers and business owners is the simple fact that you usually don’t know if there’s a problem until something is broken.

It’s only when the problem is staring you in the face, or when the virus has infiltrated your system, or when the old parts on your hard drive have broken down and caused the server to fail, that you finally know something is wrong. By this time any number of projects may have fallen into limbo, or you may have missed deadlines or even important data. And once the problem is fixed, you face a long recovery time.

It’s like breaking a bone. You can set it in a cast, but the recovery time is slow. It would be better to just prevent the problem.

That’s precisely what our Network Operations Center (NOC) does. Instead of just reacting to a problem, our engineers use incredibly sophisticated and sensitive tools to actively monitor your systems and IT environment. If something seems a little off, they’ll work on fixing it before any problem that could affect your business surfaces.

At our NOC, our engineers worry about your systems so you don’t have to. Our goal is to ensure that everything runs so smoothly and efficiently that our clients forget we’re monitoring their systems.

Because we want to build an individual relationship with our clients, we believe in flexibility. We can tailor our outsourced network monitoring services to enhance and integrate with your current monitoring solutions, or our engineers can roll out our own all-inclusive package to administer, maintain and manage every aspect of your IT systems.

Basically, we can provide whatever you need so you can get back to doing what you do best. Contact us at (952) 314-1441

Server Revolution can take the worry out of dealing with the technology you need to run your business.

Contact us at (952) 314-1441

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