We’re diehard when it comes to your data. When you enlist our help with your data protection needs, you’re really buying freedom from stress.

Why? Because we seamlessly manage the cloud-based storage and security of your critical business applications from protection to recovery to availability, customizing a plan that encompasses all of your present and future needs. That means you can put data out of your mind and focus on other crucial elements of your business.

In a market rife with security threats, companies of all sizes must form a data-protection strategy addressing how their business would function in (and recover from) any security breach. That’s even more crucial as data volume continues to explode worldwide. In an Experian study last year, 57 percent of CIOs in the U.S. expected their data volume to expand this year, anticipating an average increase of 33 percent. Their top four data concerns? Difficulty in harnessing data for strategy; regulatory risk; customer engagement concerns and potential damage to company reputation.

Fortunately, we’re specialists in the modern architecture and skills necessary to solve complex data challenges now and into the future. As such, we can combine industry-proven backup, replication, high availability and de-duplication technologies to create one comprehensive package specific to your needs. Some of our most-appreciated advantages:


Modern, easy and fully redundant

Some existing architectures are either prohibitively complex or unable to address real-world issues, perhaps because of inefficient measurement tools or other obsolete functions.

In comparison, our next-generation unified architecture is not only maximized for reliability, but it’s also amazingly easy to use. That’s partly because we’ve automated many complex, mundane and repetitive tasks, making your system truly efficient and user friendly.

Your new, enterprise-level storage system will be customized to your specific needs, using the most appropriate technology to meet your recovery point and recovery time objectives. You have the option of starting small, then adding or expanding capabilities around replication, high availability, advanced virtualization protection and recovery support.


Data crunching (literally)

Before we store your data, we efficiently de-duplicate and compress your entire portfolio so replicate copies and obsolete data don’t take up unnecessary space in your bandwidth or take too long to transfer. When we minimize the space you need, we protect your ROI so you direct your revenues to other functions.


Quick recovery via local repository

Other more traditional data-protection solutions often employ long, disjointed lists of backup, replication and failover policies across multiple products or systems.

Instead, we incorporate modern task-based data-protection methods into one single, efficient plan geared toward achieving 100 percent uptime. Your data is stored in real time and structured to be available on demand, any time you need it.

By providing onsite storage, utilizing a local repository and combining that with a remote data location, we are able to drive down recovery times while maintaining world class protection against all threats.

To provide double the data protection, we maintain a repository of your remote downloads in the event of an emergency. At your direction, your recovery testing can be fully automated or completed on schedule. Additionally, it’s conducted on a separate remote replica server to avoid any disruption to your business, while providing solid evidence of recoverability for compliance and assurance purposes.

Is your data management keeping up with cutting-edge storage, security advancements and the worldwide explosion of Big Data?

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