Unless you are a Fortune 500 company, you likely do not have experts for every aspect of your business.  You also probably have that list of things you need to implement or update that never gets done because there is not enough time in the day.  This is where ESX can help!

We have subject matter experts in all of the most important aspects of your technology solutions today.  Here are some of the areas we can help your business solidify your overall environment:

  • Security: Without securing your environment, it really isn’t yours.  The average for an environment being compromised before it is discovered is over 8 months.  Even then, it is usually not the company itself that discovers it.  Our team can help you configure and secure your environment to keep it yours.
  • Networking: Communication is the biggest driver of productivity today.  Being able to access information quickly, securely, and from anywhere it is needed is key to that productivity.  At the same time, being able to ensure that only those that need to get to the information can is just as critical.  Proper network setup, configuration, and monitoring is a big part of where ESX can help.
  • Servers: Whether physical or virtual, onsite or in the cloud, ESX can help you plan, implement, optimize and manage your server environment.  Single projects or ongoing, we have the ability to help!
  • Storage: We are addicted to data.  Having that data accessible, efficient, and protected is vital.  We understand the storage systems from all major manufacturers, as well as the more modern hybrid and software based solutions.  We will assist you in landing on the right solutions, properly implementing them, and keeping them optimized.
  • Data Protection: It’s one thing to have your data, it’s quite another to ensure you continue to have it.  What if there was a fire or critical failure?  Do you have your data properly protected AND with the ability to recover it in a timeframe that keeps your business running?  We know how to do that effectively, and can help you get there.
  • Disaster Recovery: People often believe backups are the same as disaster recovery.  That couldn’t be more false.  Designing a plan for having your information offsite and systems ready to get you back up and running is highly important for business continuity.  Have you defined your goals for recovery timeframes?  Built plans on how to get there?  Tested those plans?  We have, and we can do that for you.


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Contact our team to get started. Our solutions experts are standing by…

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