The cloud is, well, a cloudy concept. People bring it up in meetings and managers know they need to optimize it, but for all the buzz, few people really know what this cloud thing is.


What you probably know is that the cloud is fundamental to doing business in the 21st century. As more employees work remotely, business can take place in a café, at home or in an airport. Wherever there’s a Wi-Fi signal or another way to access the internet, there’s room for productive work. The old, physical office has expanded and moved to a cloud office.

Getting set up and sitting comfortably on the cloud, however, requires technical expertise that comes in the form of equipment, IT personnel and server space. Paradoxically, the very thing that will make your business run more smoothly and efficiently can be a costly headache.

It’s this headache that we at Server Revolution take care of.

Let us take care of it

When everything in your car runs smoothly, you don’t stop to think about the thousands of components working in unison that help get you to where you need to be. This is our business model. We will make your cloud office work like a smooth-running car so you can focus on your business goals.

We begin by coordinating with you to understand your business needs. With this, we will build a solution to complement those needs. The perfect solution for your business, not a template your business needs to conform to. Once established, your solution will reside in our ultra-redundant and highly secure environment. This will also eliminate the need for physical server space in your office.

From here we use state-of-the-art tools to continually monitor, manage and back up your data. If an anything happens, we respond accordingly and provide a fast resolution.

Though we work with advanced machines and cutting edge technology, our business always comes back to the people involved. With our exceptional IT expertise, we have listened to clients. We know that many have had bad experiences with others managing their IT in the past. Perhaps unexpected issues arose that led to a loss in productivity and money. We are aware of these common pitfalls and attentive to the needs and goals of each individual client.

With our experts at the helm, you can experience the full advantages of the cloud without suffering many of the headaches.

And though you still might not know exactly what the cloud is, we’ll make sure it’s working for you, helping to drive your business to success.

Server Revolution can take the worry out of dealing with the technology you need to run your business. Contact us at (952) 314-1441


Server Revolution can take the worry out of dealing with the technology you need to run your business.

Contact us at (952) 314-1441

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