Ransomware Webinar

ESX holds webinars bi-monthly on how to prevent cyber crime.

These are direct, to-the-point discussions of solutions that can immediately impact the security of your organization.

Who should attend?

Anyone in these positions:

  • CFO
  • Head of IT
  • Head of Compliance
  • Corporate Stakeholder

Duration: 35 Minutes


  1. Cyber Crime and Ransomware – What, Why, and How
  2. Sales Enablement Compliance: What your clients expect
  3. Prevent Ransomware
  4. Traditional approaches to InfoSec
  5. Simplify Information  and Cyber Security
  6. Ransomware: Urgent Care
  7. Ransomware: Simulate an attack
  8. Security-as-a Service model – no risk / immediate impact
  9. Organizational impact – Why Minimal
  10. Financial model and costs
  11. Frequently Asked Questions

We look forward to helping your organization achieve and maintain security.




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