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Risky End of Life (EOL) software and out-of-warranty hardware could be hiding in the dark corners of your server room or in some underutilized VM that you never really touch.  EOL does not have to spell disaster. With an adequate understanding of the risks involved, advanced planning, and help from ESX you can identify and migrate away from end-of-life hardware and software headaches.  Our EOL team will:

  • Create a simple and cost-effective End of Life upgrade plan
  • Prioritize your needs for the entire migration process
  • Ensure the migrated solution function as planned and expected
  • Identify security requirement and implement an effective yet practical security system
  • Help relieve the EOSL, EOL, and EOS, pain
  • Provide EOL extended support where and when it’s feasible

ESX experts can help you:

  • Inventory your PCs, Macs, Windows, servers, and switches, etc.
  • Continuously scan your network over time, when it’s convenient for you (for example, during low-usage periods)
  • Get detailed info on a single device or your entire network
  • Track warranties or the age of systems so you don’t get an unwanted surprise
  • Provide a variety of reports that can help you spot at-risk hardware and software

Ignoring EOL timelines Is a bad idea!

The fact is you are putting your data infrastructure at considerable risk when running EOL technology.  Here are just some of the EOL dangers:

  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Software incompatibility
  • Compliance issues
  • High operating costs
  • Poor performance and reliability
  • Hardware support and maintenance risk
  • Legal and regulatory liability risks






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