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Your BRAND is your most valuable asset, protecting it is our Top Priority





Information Technology Asset Disposition and Remarketing

ESX-ARG leverages its parent company ESX, a leader in the Information Technology industry, to maximize the remarketing value of your IT assets.  Once your assets are received at our facility, our technicians follow a detailed audit and testing protocol to assess functionality and physical condition of each asset.  Upon final processing, the client receives a full report detailing the results of the audit.  Utilizing our various sales channels, including our end user data base, we ensure that you receive the highest possible return on your assets.


Refurbishment and Repair

ESX has developed industry leading processes and procedures to economically refurbish and repair a wide array of IT assets.  Our talented team of engineers has extensive knowledge and the required skills to work on most technologies.  Utilizing our State-of-the-Art Technology lab, our engineers bring these assets back to the highest level of functionality possible.  In turn, we can then demand the greatest resale value for your assets through end user sales and our highly developed secondary market channels.


Secure Data Destruction

As a company, the most valuable asset you have is your BRAND.  Protecting it for you is our #1 priority.  We utilize an industry leading software system to erase the data on every drive or device.  Our data erasure process is transparent and fully auditable.  Once all drives have been erased, we provide a detailed report listing the results and serial # of each drive, along with a Certificate of Data Erasure.


Repurpose IT

ESX was built on the foundation of expertise with refurbished IT equipment.  We buy, configure, sell and provide maintenance on all refurbished IT equipment and systems.

This back-office capability enables ESX to be the better choice to maximize the value of your unneeded IT assets.



We don’t just strip down your IT assets and flip them to a dealer – we are the dealer who finds a solution for a new end user cutting out a step in the Refurbished IT marketplace.

Whether you are a finance company taking IT equipment in a return or recovery or a company making changes to your IT infrastructure ESX is the perfect partner to get the most value from your IT Assets.

Here is a list of the services you can expect from ESX when you have IT assets to bring to the secondary market.


Warehousing and Order Fulfillment

We offer a secure and fully monitored warehouse and order fulfillment solution to handle your inventory and order needs.  From receiving and auditing incoming inventory to full-service order processing, we can customize a solution that will meet your product mix and shipping needs.


Inventory Control

ESX-ARG’s proprietary inventory control system is unequalled in the industry. It provides the basis for effective asset management and up to the minute inventory and audit reporting.  Each asset is photographed and tracked with a unique ID which allows it to be tracked through our facilities and easily correlated to the proper account.


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