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IT Security Services

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ESX provides comprehensive & enterprise-grade cyber security at a price that makes it accessible to small & medium-sized businesses

What We offer

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Free Cyber Threat Assessment

We’ll provide you an overview of how well your resources are being utilized & the risks facing them, with actionable steps to address any concerns surfaced.


Vulnerability Scans

Vulnerability scanning is an essential component of any security program as it is the most efficient and effective way to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities.


Penetration Testing

A penetration test is an authorized simulated cyber attack on a computer system. We perform tests to evaluate the security of your system.



Compliance Remediation

We can help with remediation requirements to meet IT compliance standards.



ESX removes the confusion, stress, expense, and time-consuming efforts while staying ahead of the unforeseen information security requirements of your company.




ESX will serve a role akin to a senior security executive in your company.



We help you address your organization’s current security, acquire a successful security design and seamlessly adopt a security solution that fits your needs.



ESX has the best trained team and is the fastest growing Fortinet partner in the Midwest. We can manage, monitor, support and assist in the migration of your Fortinet security infrastructure.


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