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Get a Plan, Simplify, Reduce Cost and Time

Many organizations have Information Security requirements and can use some help or guidance getting to the preferred state

  • Value-based consultants to simplify the aspects of Information Security – Save time and unnecessary work.
  • Corrective action plans, recommendations, or contractual security requirements can be a burden to complete.
  • Unforeseen compliance information security or vendor management requirements can be confusing, stressful, expensive, and time consuming.
  • Key resources may be taxed in understanding and attempting to comply with ambiguous security requirements.

ESX can deliver support – Save time and unnecessary work:

  • Policies IT Policies tailored to you
  • Compliance Remediation support
  • Mobile Electronic Fingerprinting – for large clients
  • Cyber Security Training programs – required for many programs
  • Vendor Management Programs – negotiate requirements
  • Penetration Testing
  • Letter of Attestation of InfoSec – Avoid compliance requirements
  • Incident Response Plans – confused on where to start
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • IT audits – required for Microsoft, FBI or other Client requirement
  • IT Assessments – confused on where your IT stands
  • CIO Advisor tools – prioritize your needs
  • Cyber Insurance Advisor – Reduce insurance costs
  • Fractional CISO – Chief Information Security Officer

Why ESX for Information Security and Compliance?

  • We take responsibility of driving the process to achieve compliance.
  • A technology firm that simplifies the process of compliance and fixes security.
  • One of the few companies that does both IT and compliance extremely well which allows us to provide premier levels of services from both the IT side and the compliance side.
  • We have CPAs with technology background that simplify IT Security and can address other Information Security needs. We are the one stop shop.
  • Delivered solutions in all 50 states.
  • ESX will reduce your cost of Information security and compliance.


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