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ESX Information Cyber Security Group Fixes Security

Information security is driven by business goals that are often initiated by Client requirements. Cyber security is the practice of protecting information and data from outside sources on the Internet.

ESX meets the challenge by understanding and simplifying the business objectives and fixing security at all levels and in the products and services we provide.

Our process is based on understanding the issues in business, cyber security, information security and technology and properly scoping the situation is critical in simplifying

ESX can provide key industry expertise to help fix security by address in the foundation and builds it into everything we do. ESX and makes the resources available as required that can include Risk Assessors, Network Engineers, Architects, Compliance Auditors, Program Managers, Technical Project Managers, Penetration Testers, Security and Solutions Engineers, and much more… we fulfill as many or as few of these roles as needed for our clients to achieve success.


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