Firewalls have been a part of the corporate network for decades, but the demands of a modern firewall are exponentially higher today.  Networks are diverse and need to stay fast, but how can you do that while still ensuring security?  Simply relying on a CPU isn’t enough.  To keep up with the multi-gigabit speeds required and the multiple attack vectors, you need to specialize.  Symmetric parallel processing using specifically designed chips for the types of scanning required is the only way to get there.

Fortinet is the only company in network security building specialized ASICs to detect and remediate all the various levels of attack methods.  With both dedicated content and network processing, you can have full parallel path processing on all traffic to maintain both wire speed and performance.


  • Multiple form factors to meet any network requirement.
  • Industry-leading effectiveness, with over 200 dedicated security engineers.
  • A consolidated software suite that combines all system and network functionality into one OS.
  • Integration with the Security Fabric to protect against even the latest zero day attacks.
  • High speed security processing to keep you safe while not sacrificing performance and efficiency.


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Contact our team to get started. Our solutions experts are standing by…

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