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Whether an organization desires to make HITRUST their primary security framework to distinguish themselves in the market, or are seeking HITRUST compliance to fulfill service agreements, HITRUST compliance can be a daunting task. ESX eliminates the confusion surrounding requirements, pinpointing intricacies of the framework that can cost an organization its compliance.

Through client teaming and education, the ESX Compliance Coaching program will save your organization thousands of dollars in productivity by eliminating multiple assessments.


The Compliance Coaching Process:

Teaming, Discovery, and Planning

Regardless if the organization has already performed a Self-Assessment or is just trying to figure out where to start in the HITRUST process, ESX will team with you to guide you down the path to Sensitive Information Security, and adoption of the HITRUST Security Framework.

By analyzing what the organization’s current security posture looks like, ESX is able to create a comprehensive plan to implement the required, as well as desired, aspects of the HITRUST program, custom tailored to that specific organization.


Implementation and Integration

Implementation can take a matter of weeks or months depending on the size of the organization, and its collective needs and wants. Rest assured that ESX will be there with every incremental improvement, aligning progress with the desired outcome of greater information security and achieving HITRUST Compliance.


Assess Effectiveness

After execution of the HITRUST Adoption Plan, ESX and the organization’s security team will sit down and review the new state of systems and processes surrounding the protection of the organization’s sensitive data. Together, we will:

  • Walk through an assessment
  • Explain further nuances of the framework in concern of the new security implementations
  • Find any remaining areas of possible non-compliance
  • Provide guidance on any fixes that may remain



After the organization has agreed that it is fully prepared to operate within the guidance of the HITRUST Combined Security Framework, the final coaching goal is to help the organization determine how to maintain their program. Whether it is simply operating with an enhanced security program or full HITRUST Certification, the organization can be assured that it is in-line with industry best practices for handling PHI and other sensitive data.


Trusted Professionals Delivering Vital Projects Affecting Your World

  • ESX guides organizations in increasing their effective security posture thus maintaining compliance with financial, government, industry, and healthcare mandates.
  • ESX professionals use a combination of IT experience, education, and business intelligence to independently evaluate your entire IT infrastructure to determine what your actual risks are and help you understand how to protect your business assets, maximizing your security return on investment.
  • ESX is proud to be a leading advisor of Information Security and monitoring practices across industry and government.
  • The ESX line-up of information technology professionals hold US Government security clearances, (ISC)2 CISSP, HITRUST CCSFP, PCI QSA, and similar certifications, ensuring the highest caliber of integrity and professional education.
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Our Process

  1. An ESX ICSG expert pairs with your organization to determine the correct level of security or compliance required
  2. The expert and key stakeholders in the organization work together to perform a risk assessment or an audit, depending on what suits the organizational requirements
  3. The assessor collects artifacts and evidence to supplement the report
  4. Security implementation experts compile the list of the organization’s requirements and results to create a remediation or Corrective Action Plan
  5. The report documents are delivered along with a letter of attestation as to the state of the organization’s security program and guidance for improving the organization’s security posture

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start with HITRUST?

HITRUST is an outstanding security compliance program that provides a measurable framework and Key Security Benchmarks (KSBs) for safety and security of not only HIPAA data, but other sensitive information also. Unfortunately, it can be daunting to get started. The best way to proceed is to have a Risk Assessment versus the HITRUST Combined Security Framework to avoid ill-fated attempts at compliance and the costs associated.

How is HITRUST coaching different?

HITRUST coaching is exactly what it sounds like: our experts come alongside your organization to provide analysis and advisory throughout your HITRUST certification effort, guiding you on best practices, correct assessment of your network, and confidence that your organization is as ready as possible before applying for certification.

Why shouldn't I just do it myself?

While it is possible for an organization to become certified through a validated assessment on the first attempt, statistically, it is highly improbable. The HITRUST CSF can be daunting to comply with as well as to report to. Having an expert guide you through the CSF’s nuances and intricacies will allow your organization a much better chance at achieving certification, while saving you time, man-power, rework, and fees.

How Do I get a Quote?

We know that every organization is different and requires a slightly different approach. Reach out using our website chat, phone, or form in order to talk more about your organization’s security desires and requirements.

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