ESX Hiring Process

What to Expect


ESX has a unique hiring process which has no set timeline. Depending upon urgency of hire, this process can take one week up to several weeks. We strive to keep you updated, but don’t hesitate to reach out to our HR Coordinator if you have any questions.

1. Candidate submits resume which is reviewed by our HR Coordinator against the job description for skills matches.

2. Those that match are reviewed by the Hiring Manager who advises the HR Coordinator who to phone interview.

3. Initial phone interviews last 15-30 minutes and, while the HR Coordinator makes a recommendation on who is to move forward, the Hiring Manager ultimately makes that decision.

4. There may be a phone interview with the Hiring Manager, but we usually do an in-person interview as the next step. These last 60 minutes at minimum. Upon completion, the Hiring Manager confers with the HR Coordinator and his team and a joint decision is reached.

5. Either way, the candidate is notified.

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