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Email Security


Today as high as 75% of all attacks still come in via email.

Attackers rely on volume to ensure that they will eventually hit the right message or catch users with their guard down to exploit the system.  Once in, nothing is off limits as malicious software can be created to do virtually anything you can dream up.  Some sit dormant for months, evaluating the environment and waiting for the ultimate time to strike.  They might steal data, turn systems into BOTs that they control, or extort real money once infected.

Email has been the biggest adoption technology for cloud.  Providers like Gmail and Office365 process billions of emails every day, but are not security first solutions.  Sure, there are some rudimentary SPAM filters included, but they don’t try to claim themselves as the best solutions in these areas.  Having a solution that specializes in email security in front of these (or any) providers, and even your own systems, is paramount to securing the primary attack method.

We can help you with both on premise and cloud email security, with:

  • Market leading SPAM detection
  • Top-rated Threat Prevention, including ransomware protection
  • Email encryption options
  • Fully managed services


How do I find out more?

We know that every organization is different and requires a slightly different approach. Reach out in order to talk more about your organization’s security desires and requirements.


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