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We’ll give you expert maintenance and strong support at a lower cost than the major brands.

EMC Maintenance & Support

We support current, end -of -life and end-of -service-life products with genuine, thoroughly tested parts..

EMC Professional Services

Our engineers can support your IT staff on everything from small projects to managed services.

Over 3,000 Customers

More than 3,000 companies worldwide trust ESX to provide the right IT solutions at the lowest possible price.

We Buy, Sell, & Maintain EMC Storage

Dell EMC Unity
  • EMC Unity 650F
  • EMC Unity 600F
  • EMC Unity 600
  • EMC Unity 550F
  • EMC Unity 500F
  • EMC Unity 500
  • EMC Unity 450F
  • EMC Unity 400F
  • EMC Unity 400
  • EMC Unity 350F
  • EMC Unity 300F
  • EMC Unity 300
EMC Data Domain
  • EMC Data Domain 9800
  • EMC Data Domain 9500
  • EMC Data Domain 9300
  • EMC Data Domain DD7200
  • EMC Data Domain DD6800
  • EMC Data Domain DD6300
  • EMC Data Domain DD4500
  • EMC Data Domain DD4200
  • EMC Data Domain DD3300
  • EMC Data Domain DD2500
  • EMC Data Domain DD2200
  • EMC Data Domain DD990
  • EMC Data Domain DD890
  • EMC Data Domain DD860
  • EMC Data Domain DD670
  • EMC VNX 8000
  • EMC VNX 7600
  • EMC VNX 7500
  • EMC VNX 5800
  • EMC VNX 5700
  • EMC VNX 5600
  • EMC VNX 5500
  • EMC VNX 5400
  • EMC VNX 5300
  • EMC VNX 5200
  • EMC VNX 5100
EMC Isilon
  • EMC Isilon HD400
  • EMC Isilon HL400
  • EMC Isilon NL410
  • EMC Isilon X410
  • EMC Isilon X400
  • EMC Isilon X210
  • EMC Isilon X200
  • EMC Isilon S210
  • EMC Isilon S200
Dell EqualLogic
  • EMC EqualLogic
Dell Compellent
  • EMC Compellent
Dell PowerVault
  • EMC PowerVault

We’re all about solutions.

Our goal is finding the best way to get the most out of the hardware and systems you already have. When you work with ESX, you’ll enjoy:
  • Highly experienced experts who offer solutions, not just products.
  • Solutions tailored to meet your exact needs.
  • Our upbeat “Get stuff done” attitude.

“ESX actually partners with us to navigate IT, allowing us to concentrate on our business. We are very satisfied.”

– Jeff Spellmire

CFO, National Cardiovascular Partners

"I feel like I’m your only customer; you guys are always available and always able to help me with whatever random situation just came up. CDI had a great year: our environment’s stability, availability, and reliability was unbelievable – my stress levels have been significantly lowered due to our relationship and teamwork. Thanks again for everything you do."

– Andy Erickson

IT Coordinator, CDI

"The whole ESX team went above and beyond to help me grow my business. They are extremely helpful.”

– Jeff

CEO, Total Communications