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Data Protection


Data Protection is what we do best. Let us protect your data and free you from stress.

We manage cloud-based storage and security of critical business applications and monitor your protection, recovery and availability. We will customize a plan that incorporates your present and future needs, allowing you to rest easy and focus on other elements of your business.

In a market riddled with security threats, companies of all sizes must form a data-protection strategy addressing how their business would function and recover in a security breach. This is even more crucial now, as data volume continues to rise worldwide. The rise of data volume has caused business owners to express several concerns. Difficulty in harnessing data for strategy, regulatory risk, customer engagement concerns and potential damage to company reputation are the top four concerns we have heard.

We are experts in the modern structure of an IT environment. We combine industry-proven backup, replication, high availability and deduplication technologies to create a comprehensive package, specific to your needs. Below, are our strategic tools that have helped over 3,000 customers succeed in their business.

Enterprise-Level Storage System

Many storage systems are too complicated or unable to address real-world issues. Our next-generation storage architecture is modern, redundant and easy to use. We have automated complex and repetitive tasks, making your system efficient, customized and user-friendly.

We’ll use applicable technology to meet your recovery point and recovery time objectives. You have the option to start small and add or expand capabilities around replication, high availability, advanced virtualization protection and recovery support.

Data Crunching (Literally)

Before we store your data, we’ll deduplicate and compress your portfolio to save data space and allow you to use that excess revenue for other business needs.

Quick Recovery Using Local Repository

Traditional data-protection solutions use long, disjointed backup lists and multiple systems, causing down time. At Server Revolution, we use modern, task-based data protection methods to ensure 100% uptime. We’ll store your data in our localized repository in real time, so it’s available on demand. On-site storage allows us to drive recovery downtimes while maintaining world-class protection against threats. Our on-site facility allows us to maintain a repository of your remote downloads in case of emergency. At your direction, recovery testing can be fully automated or completed on schedule. We test on a separate remote replica server to avoid any disruption to your business, while providing solid evidence of recoverability for compliance and assurance purposes.

Is your data management keeping up with cutting-edge storage, security advancements and the worldwide explosion of Big Data?


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