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Have you made the decision to move to Office 365?

ESX can help your business move your most crucial communication resource to the cloud by leverage Microsoft’s Office 365!

There are many paths to migrate data from an on-premises email organization to Microsoft Office 365. When planning this migration, a common question is about how to improve the performance of data migration and optimize migration velocity and the right level of security.

ESX offers comprehensive migration services to help organizations smoothly transition to Microsoft Office 365 from any software configuration, be it on-premises, cloud, or hybrid.

Why ESX for Information on Office 365?

  • Choose the right plan for your organization and users
  • ESX guides the entire migration process start to finish
  • Ensures that the migrated solution functions appropriately and meets collaboration expectations to all end users
  • Proper set up for security and performance
  • Help provide direction to guarantee compliance fulfillment with your collaboration systems

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service that brings together the best tools for the way people work today. By combining best-in-class apps like Excel and Outlook with powerful cloud services like OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, Office 365 lets anyone create and share anywhere on any device.

Why Office 365?
  • It is the fastest growing application Microsoft has ever offered
  • This cloud-based E-mail system will allow for greater availability of your communication resources, along with reducing overhead and bringing an overall greater user experience.
  • With Office365, management costs will be reduced greatly
  • The ability to create a more collaborative workspace by taking advantage of the various Office 365 offerings
  • Always be on the newest and greatest version of Microsoft Office products
  • Secure your Email with Multifactor authentication
What are the benefits of using Office 365?

One of the biggest advantages of Office 365 is the ability to work from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Because it’s entirely cloud-based, you can access your email, files, and Office programs (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) from any location on any device.

What is difference between Office 365 and Office 2016?

Office 2016 vs Office 365: What’s the difference? The short version: Office 2016 is a version of the Office productivity suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc), typically accessed via the desktop. Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription to a suite of programs including Office 2016.

Security Features – Partial List

Office 365 Security is all in how you use it and what security measures you put in place. Office 365 has a lot of built-in security features to keep your company’s data safe.

Partial list includes:

  • Encrypted email: This keeps anyone other than the intended recipient from reading your email
  • Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA): ATA uses analytics and machine learning to detect and alert you to suspicious behavior on your network. Our favorite part of this? It will scan emails as they come into your network for malicious links and attachments and if it detects something fishy, it’ll prevent the malicious attachment from getting in. Your employees will still get the email, but will get a message explaining why the attachment isn’t there. This can go a long way to preventing a data breach due to human error.


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