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Advanced Threat Protection


Threats today are protracted and patient.

The average now for an Enterprise network to be compromised before detection is between 4-6 months, with many have been 9-18 months.  Attackers can trickle information out of the network or wait for the opportune moment to strike.  It could be theft of corporate secrets or straight extortion for profit.  In any event, today’s businesses need protection beyond what has traditionally been in place.  The ability to defend against new and unknown attacks becomes a requirement, as the business impact to a modern threat can be crippling.

Secondly, is the ability to containment and eradication of executed threats becomes important to ensure that something slipping in doesn’t stay in.  For instance, a tablet someone brought in a BYOD environment or a company laptop might have been infected at home or the coffee shop, but that doesn’t make the infection less impactful once connected to the corporate network.  Detecting, isolating and eliminating these attacks are just as important.

What Advanced Threat Protection brings:

  • Proactive known and unknown protection.
  • Reactive infected device remediation.
  • Real time updates to the entire Security Fabric as new exploits are found.
  • Protection from all threat vectors, and all attack methods.


How do I find out more?

We know that every organization is different and requires a slightly different approach. Reach out in order to talk more about your organization’s security desires and requirements.


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