Our Mission

Deliver innovative secure technology solutions that address business needs.
Provide products, services, and tools, that allow our clients to accelerate business with technology.
Be a valuable business resource.

Emergent Systems Exchange has adopted the EOS management system and has evolved to ESX Technology Solutions. 

ESX’s mission is to deliver innovative secure technology solutions that address business needs, while providing an exceptional customer experience.

In recent years ESX has developed an Information Cyber Security Group (ICSG) that is focused on advising and fixing security rather than auditing. Our understanding of Information Security has been extended to all our product offerings.

ESX has delivered to 3,000 customers in all 50 states, and 30 countries, provinces, or territories. Quality equipment and customer service are cornerstones of ESX. In addition, there are specific company values that we believe set us apart from our competitors.



Since 2004

In 2004, a business plan was written to refurbish, market, sell, and support high end “Thinly Traded” IT Storage equipment in the B2B market. On January 1, 2005, a website was launched, eBay ads were posted, and Emergent Systems Exchange (ESX) was started in a couple of bedrooms in Edina, MN.

ESX’s original mission was saving business customers thousands of dollars on expensive IT storage equipment from numerous manufacturers. Over the years we have experienced a tremendous amount of change and growth expanding in to six business segments supported by our ESX IT Services (EIS) group. However, our commitment to quality and customer service has never wavered.

ESX Business Units now include:

• Infrastructure – Firewalls, Servers, Storage, all Data Center to Office

• Refurbished – Servers, Storage, Switches, Laptops, Handhelds, and more – With Warranty

• Maintenance – Post warranty support all over the world

• Asset Recovery – ESX will pick up IT equipment anywhere and pay top value

• Secured Managed Services, IT Cloud Services – Servers, Backup, IT COLO, NOC

• Information Cyber Security – Compliance, we fix security

• Professional Services – Project, Design, System Integration, Flexible to CTO needs

What We Stand For

Our Core Values

ESX is a collaborative team with integrity, who are competent in their roles, striving to serve our clients with innovative solutions by having a can-do attitude and GSD aptitude.


Customer Focused

Innovative Solutions

Role Competency

Can-Do Attitude with GSD Aptitude

Get Stuff Done aptitude – is powerful and a key ingredient to a winning team

This is who we are and how we’d like the world to see us. Basing our decisions and behaviors on these values contributes to ESX’s growth, financial strength, and overall success, now and into the future.


Over 3000 Happy Customers

Our Most Recent Testimonial:

From: Andrew Erickson
Sent: Monday, January 20, 2020 9:40 AM
Subject: A Great Year!

Good morning Brant/Adrian

I want to personally thank both of you for a great year in 2019. I couldn’t have done it without you and your team’s hard work and assistance. I regularly feel like I’m your only customer; you guys are always available and always able to help me with whatever random situation just came up. CDI had a great year: our environment’s stability, availability, and reliability was unbelievable – my stress levels have been significantly lowered due to our relationship and teamwork. Thanks again for everything you do; I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings.

Andy Erickson | IT Coordinator

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