• Emergent Systems Exchange (ESX) is the largest reseller of refurbished EqualLogic with experienced engineers on staff.
  • We save our customers thousands of dollars by blending new and refurbished enterprise hardware (servers, switches, storage, and more).
  • Our engineers are also available to compliment your IT staff, which can range from help on small projects to managed services (cloud services).
  • All products sold are original equipment with a standard ESX warranty with maintenance options.
  • Request Quote or Call 952-943-0900 for immediate assistance.
  • EqualLogic Maintenance & Support Program
  • EqualLogic Asset Recovery Program

EqualLogic Storage Products:

PS6610 Series

  • EqualLogic

PS4210 Series

  • EqualLogic

PS6210 Series

  • EqualLogic PS6210E
  • EqualLogic PS6210S
  • EqualLogic PS6210X
  • EqualLogic PS6210XS
  • EqualLogic PS6210XV
  • EqualLogic PS6210XV 3.5″

PSM4110 Blade Array

  • EqualLogic

PS6110 Series

  • EqualLogic PS6110E
  • EqualLogic PS6110S
  • EqualLogic PS6110X
  • EqualLogic PS6110XV 2.5″
  • EqualLogic PS6110XS

PS6100 Series

  • EqualLogic PS6100E
  • EqualLogic PS6100X
  • EqualLogic PS6100XV 3.5″
  • EqualLogic PS6100XV 2.5″
  • EqualLogic PS6100S
  • EqualLogic PS6100XS

PS4110 Series

  • EqualLogic PS4110E
  • EqualLogic PS4110X
  • EqualLogic PS4110XV
  • EqualLogic PS4110XV 2.5″

PS4100 Series

  • EqualLogic PS4100E
  • EqualLogic PS4100X
  • EqualLogic PS4100XV
  • EqualLogic PS4100XV 2.5″

PS6000 Series

  • EqualLogic PS6000E
  • EqualLogic PS6000X
  • EqualLogic PS6000XVS
  • EqualLogic PS6000S
  • EqualLogic PS6000XV

PS6010/6500 Series

  • EqualLogic PS6010E
  • EqualLogic PS6010X
  • EqualLogic PS6010XV
  • EqualLogic PS6010S
  • EqualLogic PS6010XVS
  • EqualLogic PS6500E

PS4000 Series

  • EqualLogic PS4000X
  • EqualLogic PS4000XV
  • EqualLogic PS4000E

PS5000 Series

  • EqualLogic PS5000E
  • EqualLogic PS5000X
  • EqualLogic PS5000XV
  • EqualLogic PS5500E

PS3000 Series

  • EqualLogic PS3800XV
  • EqualLogic PS3900XV

PS100-400 Series

  • EqualLogic PS100E
  • EqualLogic PS200E
  • EqualLogic PS300E
  • EqualLogic PS400E

EqualLogic Hard Drives

  • EqualLogic Hard Drives

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I get a Quote?

  • You can reach out to ESX via phone, form, or website chat.
  • A quote proposal will be put together detailing pricing.

When Will My Order Ship?

Products will usually ship same day or within 1 business day of receiving cleared payment.

What Are Your Forms of Payment and Payment Terms?

We accept PO, Credit Card, Check, ACH, or Wire Transfer. Payment terms are NET 30 with approved credit application or Due Upon-Receipt.

What is the Standard ESX Warranty?

ESX will ground ship a replacement part upon proper notification of a hardware failure within the first 30 days. If a replacement is not available, ESX will offer a refund.

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Tested & Warrantied Products

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