Storage By Manufacturer

Already know what you want? Let us get you to a specialist for that manufacturer.

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Cost & complexity drop to an affordable realm.

All-Flash-Arrays (AFA’s) can vary greatly in architecture, functionality, expandability, performance, protocol, cost, in addition to other crucial factors.

They are all great products in their own niche, what you are doing with your data and what you need now and in the future is what really separates a great AFA from a good AFA.

Let us help you navigate what is best for your environment with one of our storage engineers on staff.

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Hybrid Storage

Finally some Economic Growth: an increase in the capacity of an economy to produce goods and services, compared from one period of time to another.

A welcomed breakthrough in the storage world, marrying SSDs with spinning disk allows one to realize the performance of SSDs while enjoying the economics and capacity of spinning disk.

Not all Hybrid Arrays are created equal, the deciding factor is your data. Architectures that utilize real-time caching vs. auto-tiering in conjunction with OS’s using compression and/or Inline deduplication leave a lot of options that will fit your data sets.

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Spinning Disk

``If it ain't broke, don't fix it.`` -Bert Lance

Still capable of tens of thousands of iops, high capacity, feature rich, often more flexible than newer platforms, and yes SSDs can be added; spinning disk still has a place in this ever-changing technology world.


We can help you decide if it still has a place in your infrastructure too.

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Software Defined Storage

``With freedom comes responsibility`` -Eleanor Roosevelt

With the ability to break free from controller-based storage comes an abundance of options previously unobtainable. Freedom to choose hardware, software, disk makeup, maintenance, and other options.

Let us empower you with this new-found freedom in a pragmatic and responsible way.

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Open Convergence

I just can't do it captain, I just don't have the power`` -Montgomery Scott

What if you could cache all your storage on the host layer with local SSDs utilizing compression & deduplication? Now you can and it is called Open Convergence.

What’s more, you can grow your storage on the frontend (host level) vs. the backend (storage level) bringing unparalleled flexibility and cost reduction to your infrastructure.

Everything about this architecture is FAST, EFFICIENT, SIMPLE, and PREDICTABLE.

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Opportunity Cost: What you get vs. what you give up.

Sometimes there are factors in one’s environment that become the “tail that wags the dog.” By converging the compute stack with storage, the Hyperconverged architecture elevates simplicity to a new level.

With this architecture it is vital to understand the opportunity cost of this architecture.

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NAS / Scale Out NAS

“NAS” is the most versatile and encompassing term we hear; thus, the most commonly misunderstood platform we work with.

In the SMB world anything iSCSI is often mistaken for a “NAS.”

The classic NAS protocols (CIFS, SMB, NFS) can be applied for simplicity’s sake as a file share, used for high I/O databases, video & audio production, large files, countless small files, or unstructured data.

Depending on the application, “NAS” can be leveraged on a controller-based or scale-out architecture, we can definitely help you here!

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Most often we are deploying software for various projects we work on.  Finding the right software and licensing is extremely important.  It requires intimate knowledge of one’s infrastructure and business to get the right licensing for where you are today and in the future.

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