Open Convergence


Open to any x86 server and provides convergence of I/O processing on servers.

By splitting speed on servers from durable data on the network, Open Convergence breaks from other approaches to deliver effortless private cloud infrastructure.


5X lower latency than all-flash. High performance density–up to 100 effective TBs of server flash–means all read I/O stays local, eliminating SAN latency.

Adding servers adds speed. With server-based I/O resources, your Datrium DVX gets faster as you add more servers, up to 32 per DVX.

More speed at your fingertips. Use Insane Mode to accelerate your VM with a button click or use vMotion to move your VM to an under-utilized server.


You already know how to use it. Datrium is VM-centric, so there are no LUNs or disks to manage, and you can provision new VMs up to 4x faster.

Take the guess work out of DEV/OPS. Real-time VM analytics provides per-VM statistics for powerful monitoring and simplified troubleshooting.

Always fast, always efficient. Advanced features like erasure coding and dedupe/compression are always-on for all data, there is zero configuration planning.


BYO Server and Flash. Use any mainstream server, including blades and “brownfield.” And server-flash is about 1/8th array-flash cost.

2-to-6X Data Reduction. Dedupe and compression are in-line always-on. And global deduplication keeps capacity low across all servers.

Scale I/O Speed and Capacity Independently. You can add flash without adding hosts and additional software licenses.


Mix Workloads and Scale Massively. Host isolation eliminates neighbor noise so consolidating and scaling diverse workloads are predictable.

Server Failure Tolerance. Take servers down without lengthy data rebuilds and your data remains available even if multiple hosts fail.

NEW: Blanket Encryption. End-to-end encryption with data reduction to secure your data in-use, in-flight and at-rest.

The Datrium Difference

Software defined speed meets a high availability data server.
Your private cloud will never be the same.

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